COVID-19 Market & Event Safety

Safety Protocol

In response to the recent government changes to COVID-19 regulations, we have removed restrictions at the majority of our events.

Throughout the pandemic, Troy Promotions has made every attempt to provided a safe and reliable shopping environment at it's events. Though a return to normal is near, we are committed to a transition with the safety of all vendors, staff and customers in mind. The success of our events over the last year is a testament to the value of creating safe and inclusive spaces.

In an effort to keep shoppers, vendors, and market managers as safe as possible while continuing to offer Arts & Crafts our communities, Troy Promotions is implementing the following safety protocols at all of our events.

Mask Policy

For the safety and comfort of all Troy Promotions customers, we encourage you to continue wearing a mask. If you are vaccinated, you may choose to shop without a mask in accordance with the new CDC guidance. Thank you for helping us keep our events safe. Read more about our mask policy here.

Customer Safety Rules

  ● If you are sick, or a member of your family is sick, STAY HOME

  ● For the safety and comfort of all event customers, we encourage you to continue wearing a mask. If you are vaccinated, you may choose to shop without a mask in accordance with the new CDC guidance. Thank you for helping us keep our market community safe.

  ● We encourage customers to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people, especially when in line. 

  ● Food and drinks should be consumed in designated areas or outside the market.  Check with your market manager to identify the best area to eat.

  ● Pets are now allowed at the market, but Troy Promotions reserves the right to ask people and their pets to leave if they are causing a disruption. 

  ● Customers can now enter under tents, and select their own products.

Vendor Safety Rules

  • Vendors are encouraged to continue wearing masks (vaccinated or not).
         - Particularly while interacting with customers. 
         - If unvaccinated, masks are required.

  • Sampling is allowed. 

  • Food can be prepared to order at the market. 

  • Customers will be asked to eat in designated areas, or outside the market. Access to condiments, silverware, cups, etc. can be freely available, but sanitizer should be provided. 

  • All vendors must use gloves if they are interacting with prepared food. Additionally, people that are regularly exchanging money and products with customers are encouraged to wear gloves, and change and sanitize them regularly.   
         - When possible please have staff members dedicated to exchanging money, and staff members dedicated to exchanging products. 

  • Please regularly sanitize or wash your hands at least once per hour. We have a limited supply of hand sanitizer at the info tent. We encourage you to bring a portable handwashing station and/or hand sanitizer. If you are preparing food on site you are required to have a handwashing station.

  • Customers can enter underneath the booth to browse, and select their own products. 

  • We recommend continuing to implement contactless pay, pre-order/pickup, and other low-touch or no-touch options as much as possible. 

  • Tablecloths are now allowed. 

    Market Management Safety Commitments

  • Troy Promotions encourages social distancing. 

  • Community events, including music, entertainment, community tables, and sponsor tables can resume at select event locations. 

  • We allow sponsor tables at certain events where it is deemed safe, but require that any sponsors who table at our events follow specific COVID safety rules and guidelines. 

  • Event managers will wipe down commonly used surfaces, such as the event information table, and EBT redemption devices (phones, card swipers).