Market Live!
Arts & Crafts at their Best!

Market Live!

A top Quality Arts & Crafts Market

Located in the same parking lot with the
Springfield Farmers Market

Springfield Town Center

at the entrance to the Town Center  off Springfield Mall Drive at JC Penney and across from Michaels,

Springfield, VA 22150

Every Saturday (10am-2pm)
Check in is between (8am - 9am)

Set up is between (8am - 10am)
Vendor parking is in the adjacent parking lot.
All vendor vehicles must be removed from the lot by 30 minutes prior to opening


Market will run Saturdays
May 7, 2022 through December 17, 2022


Arts & Crafts
Vendor Fees

All Arts & Crafts vendor booth space will be 10'x10' and will have at least
10 feet of space on all side for the purpose of social distancing. This may change as the market grows.


Single Booth Space (10' x 10') - $25.00 
Double Booth Space (10' x 20') - $40.00  
Arts, Crafts & Fashion Truck Space - $40.00

Vendor Requirements

Please review vendor requirements below & scroll down to submit the vendor information form at bottom of this page and
make sure to indicate the date that you are paying for & wish to participate. You will then be redirected to the confirmation page.
You must then click on the payment page link to pay for the date you indicated 
that you would like to participate in at the market.

New first time vendors should submit a vendor form first without paying and then email pictures of your Arts & Crafts for review and acceptance.
Once accepted, we will email you as such along with a payment link.

There are no refunds once payment has been made. If you are unable to participate on a date that you paid for,
you may request an exchange date. This request must be made at least one week (7 calendar days) prior to the 

date you are scheduled to participate to be considered.

This is a Rain or Shine Market. There will be no refunds issued or exchange dates offered
if you fail to show up on the day you paid for & selected to 
participate on.

If promoter is forced to cancel the Market for any reason, there will be no refunds, however,
paid participating vendors will be allowed to select 
another date to apply their fee to participate on.

Vendor tent is required to participate.

All tents may not exceed the booth space size you have paid for.

All tents must have adequate weights on all for legs of tent. (minimum of 25lbs per leg)
If you show up without weights, you may be denied setup and asked to leave with no refund offered.

No vendor may leave the market prior to closing due to the location of the 
Arts & Crafts vendor booths, which are located in the center of the market.

Vendors must unload & park in vendor designated parking area prior to setting up.

Vendors must break down first before bringing their vehicles onto event grounds to load out at the end of the day.

Vendors may select any Saturday they wish to participate on.

Vendors who breakdown & leave before the Market close:
- may be permanently barred from participating in future Troy Promotions 
   - will not be allowed to bring vehicles onto Market ground during event. Products, displays & tents
must be carried out to their vehicle located 
outside the Market Grounds

All sales must take place within each vendors booth space
(Absolutely  No Hawking Allowed)

Smoking – There is a NO Smoking policy enforced on the market site during market hours.
If you wish to smoke during market hours, you must leave the premises to smoke.

First time vendors will be screened and must email photographs to -
3-4 Photographs of products
1photograph of your booth display

If you have a website with these photos where we can review, you do not need to email them to us

Upon screening & acceptance, vendor will be notified via email.
If not accepted, vendor will be notify via email and the show fee will be 
refunded immediately.

Please check out our
COVID-19 Market & Event Safety Protocols

Click Here

By applying to participate and paying the Market Fee, vendor agrees to abide by these
vendor requirements and that not doing so may result in not being allowed to set up or asked to leave without a refund.

Vendor also agrees to the following conditions of participation in the Market Live! (Event).
1. The Vendor/Exhibitor agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold Market Live!, Troy
Promotions, Freshfarm Markets, Inc., Springfield Town Center and Preit Management
(Parties) and their agents, servants, employees and volunteers harmless from and
against all claims of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the
Event. On behalf of the Vendor/Exhibitor, and any estate, assigns and heirs, Vendor/Exhibitor do
hereby indemnify and hold the Parties, their trustees, officers, agents, employees and volunteers
harmless form any damage or liability incurred by the Parties or others as a result of participation
in the Event for any costs or expenses including but not limited to hospital and medical expenses,
legal and defense costs as well as settlements, judgments, fines and penalties of any nature
whatsoever which may be incurred as a result of participation in the Event. Further, it is expressly
understood that such indemnity of the Parties shall not be limited by reason of enumeration or any 
insurance coverage provided.

2. The Parties shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring to the Vendor/Exhibitor,
booth, equipment, vehicles personnel and/or property arising from participation in the Event.

3. Vendor/Exhibitor represents that it is sufficiently staffed, skilled and experienced in the type of 
services set forth herein.

4. The Vendor/Exhibitor represents that it shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal 
laws while conducting it activities in connection with this Agreement.

5. The terms of this Agreement may not be changed, except by a written amendment executed by 
the Parties and the Vendor/Exhibitor.


Vendor Options

All booth Spaces have 10 feet of space on all sides for social distancing
Booth space may be selected on payment screen.

Vendor Space Site Map

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Vendors will be accepted on a first come basis until each day is full,
so don't hesitate to secure your desired dates now.

Link to Vendor Payment Page


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Phone Number:

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Indicate Type of Product:

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Indicate that you have read & agree to the vendor requirements, the Hold Harmless Agreement & the COVID-19 Market & Event Safety (Yes or No):

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